READ: It MIGHT Be Happening: Kristen Wiig, Sudekis & Samberg Reportedly Leaving ‘SNL’ After This Season

Oh boy, here we go.

According to US Weekly (let’s remember the source first before we claim this as fact) the top 3 players currently Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudekis will be leaving the show after this season. IF this is TRUE, this is the most obvious blow to the show… but…

I don’t hate it? Look, it was bound to happen eventually and while I love Sudekis & Samberg, they don’t give me the laughs. Kristen Wiig leaving will definitely hurt the show and my laughs because she delivered them when the show did not. If you have been following my recaps of the sketch show for a while now, you will know that I’ve been asking for a fresh start. I want(ed) Lorne to swipe the cast clean, start anew, give the show a brand new vibe, so I guess this is his way of kind of doing that.

But…but…but…why can’t Keenan be leaving instead? He’s been there for what’s felt like 30 years.

These are my thoughts on this right now.



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