WATCH: Emma Stone Does Ellen’s Dance Dare & America Gets To Know Andrew Garfield

I don’t watch The Ellen Show but I have heard of the dance dare she has her guests do from time to time. It’s pretty genius and I love it. So here we have Emma Stone, America’s Girlfriend & Best Friend, doing the dare. It’s honestly the greatest thing you’ll see all day and will make you laugh smile and soil yourself (too much? never). And it’s also another reason why there is still no need for Lindsay Lohan anymore.

Her boyfriend & co-star of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man was on the other day. To most of America, Andrew Garfield, the aforementioned boyfriend and co-star, is pretty unknown. He was in The Social Network and other stuff, but he is no big name. Which is great because there is no attachment for him and the character and the audience is able to view Peter Parker in a sanitized light. The clip attached really show off his personality and I think the promo they’ve done so far for this movie is perfect.



  1. Perfect cast for this movie (in my opinion). Emma Stone is perfection so I don’t even need to comment on her. Garfield is gonna explode in the limelight when the rest of the world sees he’s british. also I love anyone who plays along with Ellen’s craziness.

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