MUST WATCH: The Dirty, Sexy, Sleazy And Colorful Trailer For Oliver Stone’s ‘Savages’

I’ve been waiting for this.

Here we have the trailer for Oliver Stone’s Savages. The film stars Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman (mini-Pulp Fiction reunion) Salma Hayek & Benicio Del Toro.

Look, let’s be honest. We’re all not sold on Blake Lively and I don’t know why they keep trying to make her happen, but they are and it’s working. The girl is getting SCRIPTS. Like, she’s not getting some shitty roles, or playing the pretty girl, or the girlfriend, or whatever. The Town was very well received (I loved The Town) BUT, she was the weakest part. She was awful in The Town. Apparently though, rumor has it she is good in this. Surprisingly good. And why her range isn’t displayed in the trailer, she isn’t the worst.

As for the movie itself? I think it looks good. Really good. Like I’m really excited to see it. Or maybe it’s just the trailer. I love the aesthetic to it; very bright, in your face, arrogant. The film was moved from September to July for a Summer release. The studio has enough confidence in it to give it the summer push, thinking it could strike a chord with males across the board. But… it opens the same time as Spider-Man. I don’t know if this is the best move. I think it should’ve stayed in September, like The Town. Obviously the film has a very summery vibe, but it could get CRUSHED and ignored. I hope not. I also hope this is good. Because after Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, can we trust Oliver? I hope so. I really really really want this to be good.


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  1. LOL you’re so right about Blake, when I saw what movie this was going to be I was thinking “Oh, so that’s what she’s decided to do with her career” I like her a lot (she’s so pretty and cute) but often comes across as insincere, but that’s mostly because they are writing her characters in a smarter way than I think she can pull off (NOT INCLUDING THE TOWN, her charater was an idiot and I think she worked for it, though it did nothing for the movie) I think this is also being done with Channing Tatum, he always is so deep in movies and I think “does he understand what he’s saying?”
    But the movie looks like a good time, I’m down!

    -you’re welcome for the longest comment ever by the way

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