READ: Here Comes A Marilyn Monroe Reality Show…File This One Under Shit We Don’t Need

Because we never like to leave any stones unturned and imaging people turn in their grave is apparently the newest trend, our friends and enemies in Hollywood have decided that it is time to keep on Monroe-ing everything they can. So, it’s only natural that it has been announced that a Marilyn Monroe reality show is on it’s way. Deadline is reporting that the show obviously titled FINDING MARILYN, will have 12 girls compete against one another, living the life of the pill-addicted/depressed sex-icon, until they ultimately find the next IT girl.


Oh, okay.

Is this how it works?

eOne (those people behind Twilight) is producing this shit and my guess is that it’ll end up at E! or weTV, though Bravo isn’t out of the question either. And this will be watched. And you know why? For some reason, a lot of girls are particularly fond of her. You’ve seen the quotes they post. All over Facebook and Twitter. I really don’t understand it. Exactly what are we idolizing through her? Her death? Her victimization? Her struggle? Her problems? Her depression? Her neediness? She was beautiful, sure, but that is the problem. If she wasn’t so “pretty” no one would give any fucks. Trust me. And that leads into why this show is being produced. Find me the next Melissa McCarthy or Rachel Dratch. Oh, you won’t? Because they aren’t “beautiful”?



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