READ: To Sum Up The Twitter Reaction From Those Who’ve Seen ‘The Avengers’ Already…Joss Did Good, Really Good

Last night The Avengers premiered, but you would’ve have thought it was a scene from the actual movie with the mass hysteria the premiere caused. And also, every single person who has ever “worked” in Hollywood showed up. Like someone from The Hills. And Seth Green (I know he was there for Joss, but still). And other people. If you were famous, you showed up to the premiere of the movie. See, like an actual disaster scene from the film.

Anyways, geeks went a fury (Nick Fury… YOU’RE WELCOME) on Twitter afterwards. Apparently the studio allowed those in attendance for the film to tweet their reactions afterwards, but reviews have been embargoed until May 2nd (for North American critics). Which I find really, really strange but whatever. And the geeks? Well, to say they loved it is simply not suffice. Here’s a collection of their reactions below:

The person yacking is me.

Good right? Like super good, which is all I asked for because a part of me was worried but again, it’s Joss Whedon. We know. We just know how he does. And he doesn’t not do. What is most reassuring is the comment about how we are finally given The Hulk we deserve. For those odd view out there who were “unsure” about Mark Ruffalo’s casting, well, get out of here. It’ll be more than fine.

And did you hear? The film is tracking at $125 million a month in advance, which is great. Another, very reassuring thing which is weird because usually we don’t have to worry about comic book fare, but after the “okay” opening weekends from Captain America, Thor and First Class, you never know what could happen. But this is good.

3 more weeks, everyone. Midnight showing? See you there.


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