SNL Recap: Josh Brolin Hosts A Surprisingly Funny, Fresh and Good Episode

***No longer will I be attaching videos as YouTube is too unreliable. For those in Canada you can watch the sketches on and for those in America, or both have the sketches every week.

Last night’s Saturday Night Live was one that I intended on skipping out on whole heartedly. If you read my recap of last week’s show hosted by Sofia Vergara, I noted that you could skip this weeks episode. That it wasn’t worth your time. Well, by the time I’d gotten home from where I had been, I’d convinced myself to at least watch the first half hour. And so I did. And then it ended up being the whole show. I felt like those random people who tune into the show once a year, but this time I tuned in to a honestly, really genuinely fresh, funny, and fast episode.

As many know, the cold open usually dictates where the quality of the show will go from there. Usually. Last night’s cold open was…funny?! I smiled throughout. Chuckled, even. If you are going to make fun of this current crop of republican candidates, this is how you do it. While they are all ridiculous, they are not Sarah Palin ridiculous and thus, the parodies of them often fall flat. But this skit with all of them sitting at a bar, drinking and singing their sorrows away was so well done. Following the open was the monologue. Again, I was not sure how Brolin would do (I’d forgotten he’d hosted before until he reminded us in his monoglue) but his monoglue was nice. Nothing great, amazing or even good but it was fine. The Men In Black 3 spoof was good, they got it out of the way quickly. His jokes were sporadic but nice. It was a good cold open. I kept saying to myself, “maybe this episode will be good? I don’t want to curse it though…”

The skit was a parody of Game of Thrones, in which they showed us the “first look” at how they so brilliantly decided which scene will have boobies and a little sex. How? With a 13-year-old consultant, of course. Loved it. It was ridiculous, fun, but grasped the point of where and how to make fun of Game of Thrones without it being a drag and what not. The first real sketch to follow was a SOAPnet spoof, about a soap-opera called The Californians, which was… you guessed it, about Californians. It was so, so good. But for me good. Like, you might watch it and absolutely loath whatever you thinks happening but I thought it was the right amount of silly, genuinely funny and refrained from being too much. It almost got there and then it ended. It was just…it was their voices, especially Hader and Wiigs and Armisan’s. And when Hader loses it, was all lose it.

Up next was another sketch that was not a spoof of The Voice, but instead something called America’s Best Empire State Of Mind Parody. Eh…. The idea, was not there. It’s been 3 years. Where is the relevancy? By the end of it I was smiling because it was kind of really entertaining to watch, but to repeat myself, it was another sketch that wasn’t of The Voice. Following this was the first Digital Short for the night. What was it about? OH, just another Laser Cats venture. Loved it. Speaking of love, I had no love for Gotye. I’m being one of those people and though I absolutely LOVE the song that’s incredibly overplayed at this point, the album doesn’t stand up as a whole. For me. But they performed well.

A weak, Weekend Update followed with only one “guest” which was wasted on Garth and Kim. No one cared because they weren’t Brad and Angelina. With that said, if and when Kristen Wiig leaves the show I will be very pleased for her to take Garth and Kim with her because while the first 100 times were kind of funny, it just is so tired now. And again, was not a Brad & Angelina spoof. Okay thanks.

What followed next was another Digital Short, this time spoofing Gotye and the video for the song. It was fine but maybe a wasted opportunity. And then came this really weird but inventive and more entertaining than funny sketch about a high school, Woodbridge High, that has a slow-motion hallway. It was one of those typical sketches for the show that wasn’t funny in any sense, BUT was fun to watch. Again, I was still being entertained. And to follow that was their Piers Morgan sketch, with Piers being played by the incredible Taran Killam. This kid. I will say it again, he is THE NEXT. He’s just so, SO good. What I love about their Piers sketch is that it completely captures the ridiculous of his show, and Larry King’s before it. That they take any news subject and consult anyone mildly famous, but without any knowledge on what is actually happening. I think it’s a very strong sketch in their recent garden of sketches; the tone is just spot on. And they finally spoofed Kim and Kanye and it was good. But why waste them in something like this, when they could have had a full sketch. I know Lorne doesn’t love doing too many celebrity spoofs as an entire sketch but this cast is so, so good at doing them. But I digress because the show last night had more wins than losses.

Overall, the show was really strong for an episode hosted by Josh Brolin. It wasn’t amazing, BUT the writing was sharp, it was fresh, the cast was inspired. Brolin was utilized well in all the sketches they put him in, but he wasn’t the star of the show. This was one of the few episodes this season that wasn’t hosted by Maya or Melissa, that was spot on BUT also the cast really came together and everyone was just great.

The next show is on May 5th and it’ll be hosted by Eli Manning with musical guest, Rihanna.


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