WATCH: Maya Rudolph, Always.

Did you watch the finale of Up All Night last week? Rather, were you watching Up All Night/do you know what I’m talking about it? It’s the NBC comedy with Maya Rudolph, Christina Applegate and Will Arnett. One of my favorite new shows of the season. It wasn’t the most consistent, but when it was good it was so, so funny. And sweet. I loved the finale. Check it out this summer if you have some time.

Anyways, there is no better way to start your week of right than with a little Maya Rudolph. Maya was on Ellen last week promoting the show. I can’t find the full interview yet, but this clips made waves last week. Attached is the video of Maya playing Celebrity with Ellen. Her Nicki and Rihanna are ridiculous, of course, but her Gwen Stefani is incredible. Spot on. It makes me wonder if she ever did it on SNL before. I don’t recall her ever doing it but it could’ve been from a sketch (or few) that just didn’t work. Whatever it is, her impression is so natural and truly fantastic. But what I love about her is not even the impression, the funniest moments for me is when she isn’t even trying and she’s commenting on herself in the beginning with those pictures.

And because I have to include this clip any time I can, attached for your pleasure is the classic French press clip from the Bridesmaids press tour. It’s ridiculous. If you haven’t seen this before (the one below) take the next 5 minutes off. It still gets me now and I’ve watched it 20 times. Fast-forward to the 2:30 mark.


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