READ: Kevin Hart Says Twitter Helped His Movie Make A Lot Of Money

And he’s probably right.

Over the weekend Think Like A Man hit the #1 spot at the box-office, surprising everyone (except me). Everyone knew it would hit #1 but didn’t think it would make $33 million. That’s an incredible number, of course, but – and I know saying this now doesn’t help my cause – I totally called this. I swear. All of last week I kept thinking that this thing had a chance at topping $30 million and that I should tweet it before it happens so everyone knows I’m psychic and I get my own sitcom called “That’s So Jordan, Obviously”. As I’ve said before, when movies trend on Twitter weeks or months before the release, it more often than not foreshadows a success to come. Also aiding the films success is the fact that the urban community hadn’t had a movie breakout for them since Red Wings back in February.

Kevin Hart had this say to say about the films surprisingly success to Entertainment Weekly:

“I knew the movie was going to do well because it was tracking well, but we were thinking in the range of $20-25 [million]. When in came in the 30s, that was a little mind-blowing. For me that just shows the power of social media.”

“So we got together and just did a blitz ourselves….When you’re doing movie promos and there’s billboards and stuff, yeah it’s out there, and you know people see it. But we were getting direct responses because of Twitter and Facebook. It was unbelievable.”

I first started to notice the affect of social media when Bridesmaids came out. The opening-day # was great, of course, but then it just had such a stellar Saturday and Sunday that everyone pointed to the word-of-mouth for the film but not everyone was convinced that WOM travels that fast these days. It does, it really does. For me, I tweet my thoughts on anything to help generate word-of-mouth. I think Twitter and Facebook definitely helps with a films success these days, and also a films downfall. But I think the success for this particular film has more to do with the popularity of this book than anything else. This book is the bible to a lot of people. Trust.

Also, can we talk about HOW The Lucky One opened to $22 million one day? What the…


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  1. The Lucky One is amazinggggggly dumb. But Efron is so hot so I’m okay with watching it more than once (though the second time will be alone with wine and junk food while I shame eat/drink it all)

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