READ: Movie Theaters Want To Allow Texting Because We Don’t Text Already?

This image is actually kinda of f-cking scary

This texting thing just won’t go away.

Earlier today there was an item released that mentioned the idea of letting audience members text during a film, because apparently they assume we don’t do it already. The allowance of this nuisance would be in hopes to get even more people going to the movies (because, remember kids, the people at the studios never know what audiences really want). This comes just after a record breaking first quarter at the 2012 box-office. Anyways, this news sparked a fury on my Twitter timeline with people, mostly critics, ranting about this. Here’s the thing: people are going to text regardless of if they allow it or not. I’ll admit, I text during films. I don’t sit there on my phone for the entire movie, but I will answer one or two texts, very slyly. I don’t throw my phone in the air for it to bother everyone, but I put it near my leg so the light isn’t bothering anyone.

This rule won’t help attendance, though. As I noted before, attendance has been recording breaking for the box office so far this year. Why? Because they’ve made (but really, marketed) movies for people. For everyone, and they’ve marketed them so well. This texting push is studios just trying to remain hip but only proves how out of touch they are with audiences. Again, are they assuming we don’t text already even with this supposed “no texting” rule? That’s really all it is. You want people to go to the movies more often? Lower the f-cking prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look, I still think going to the movies is relatively cheap. Tickets are $12 in Toronto and I rarely get food but if I do, my entire money spent there is around $20 which, for a Friday or Saturday is great, as opposed to going to a club and dropping $100 in like 10 minutes, paying a fortune for a hockey or baseball game, etc…

The only thing this WILL do, if it happens and becomes some sort of revolution will aid my annoyance. I said this to my friend last week, Big M, that I feel like I’ve been nominated to be the one responsible for yelling at audience members during movies. This year has really been awful. I tend to never go to the movies on a Friday or Saturday, naturally, but when I do, it’s just… when did people lose all self control? I mean, MY GOD, last year when I went to go see Insidious – on a Friday night – it was filled with teenagers who were raised by Tom Arnold. It was my own fault, for sure, and admittedly it was kinda fun near the end but someone actually farted throughout the movie. I didn’t find this out because the theatre smelt, but because this kid openly let them rip. Beautiful.

This entire post is really just an excuse to post this clip from Ellen’s brilliant stand up in which she briefly, yet perfectly, sums up society.

and then this:


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  1. LOL i maybe talk a little too much in the movies. BUT last night when i saw TLO with Manoozle this trio is Mississaguains brought A BABY, who cried during the good scenes and then one woman was TALKING ON HER PHONE!!! I was annoyed, but that’s what I get for going to Mississagua.
    Oh right, texting during the movies. No thanks. I actually turn my phone off, LIKE WE ALL SHOULD. ❤

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