READ: Twitterer @KellyOxford Sells Her First Movie Script ‘Son Of A Bitch’

If you are an avid Twitterer like myself, then you know the name Kelly Oxford. Known best for her raunchy yet hilarious 140 character jokes, Oxford who is a stay at home mom-turned Twitterer-turned writer, boasts almost 350,000 followers and counting. I’ve been following her for almost a year and I love her. She is genuinely hilarious, sharp, quick witted and her general observations are truly my favorite.

The script, entitled Son of a Bitch, has reportedly been sold for low six-figure deal to WB. Here is the synopsis via Deadline’s report:

In the vein of Bridesmaids, the raucous comedy is about a young stoner who tries to maintain her popular party image even after discovering she’s pregnant.

Understanding the right tone and finding success through Twitter, in all honesty, is simple enough. I am an avid follower of many Tweeters similar to Kelly Oxford and these people are some of the freshest young writing talents out there. This is where Twitter is kind of beautiful. It really allows writers to get noticed, simply through 140 characters.

Oxford also has a book coming out in the Fall called Everything Is Perfect When You’re A Liar which I am excited for. In all honesty, I’m kind of proud of Kelly. I hope this project is as promising as it sounds.


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