READ: ‘Carrie’ Remake To Feature Found Footage Craze?

First, as you may know, if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, I am very excited for the remake of Carrie. Though Chloe Moretz being cast in the title role had me skeptical, I think this project holds A LOT of promise. I think employing Kimberly Pierce, director of Boys Don’t Cry, for a film so involved in the female story, is absolutely inspired.

But more than anything, I think it’s time for this movie to be remade. It’s iconic, of course, but anyone under the age of 18 probably doesn’t know it exists, if we’re being honest. And I don’t love the original, if I’m still being honest. These days, you don’t come across that random old movie on Netflix like you would when you would walk through the isles of a Blockbuster. I know I’m dating myself – and us – with this post. I remember in grade 6 me and my buddies all hung out at one of our houses one night and we went to Blockbuster and rented Jaws, all of us seeing it that night for the first time. I mean, we all shit our pants. Or a friend of mine threw a Halloween party in grade 8 and we rented some RANDOM Halloween sequel (I think it was probably Halloween 4) and again, shit our pants. But you really don’t have THAT anymore, that experience of discovering older films and I think it has a lot to do with this generations ADHD. Do kids huddle around a computer and browse Netflix until they get bored and Instagram themselves instead? I feel like that happens.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that every generation should experience that titular film that really encapsulates a time period. I’d prefer the films to be original productions, but here we are. I think a Carrie remake, done properly, could be very promising and very timely as well. It’s been reported that the studio is thinking about including some found footage in the film to aid the film’s appeal and success, of course, but to aid the story. Before you roll yours eyes because you think found footage is already done with, read FirstShowings synopsis of how the original source material, the Stephen King book, contains a lot of moments that lends it self well to the aspect of found footage. Meetings with doctors, document findings, etc…

The more and more I hear about this movie, I honestly cannot wait.


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  1. Maybe it will be good but I just don’t like when they mess with a good thing. I just wish I could cast movies, not idiots. One day i’ll have the CSS beside my name… maybe that’s the one for editors, i can’t remember anymore

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