READ: My ‘Avengers’ Experience (Review Included)


This weekend is all about Avenging, no other way around it. And as of this morning, we might have a record breaker on our hands. Deadline is reporting that The Avengers grossed a colossal $80 million yesterday ($18 coming from midnights) and on it’s way to a record breaking $175 million opening weekend, besting Harry Potter’s $169 million. Potter holds the opening day record of $90 million but as those films were much more frontlloaded than this, and as The Avengers plays to kids much more than that series, it should see a much smoother weekend. I could see it even topping out at $180 million, but my $200 million opening weekend prediction was close.

Have you guys seen it yet? If you did sound off below or hit me up on Twitter, let’s talk about it! I’ve seen it twice now. Yes, that means I went to the midnight show and then the Friday night show. I don’t know what time or day it currently is; I’m very disoriented but never been happier, really (film wise). This Midnight showing experience has to be one of my personal favorites. It’s no Deathly Hallows P2, obviously, but a lot of fun, a lot of nerdom, a lot of hyped up energy, it was great. Honestly, seeing event films like this, or The Dark Knight, or Potter, are mandatory Midnight showings. It’s such a different energy level. Like, when the Hulk smashed around Loki, everyone LOST it, applauded, cried, peed their pants. At the Friday night one? A lot of enthusiasm, for sure, but just not the same level, and a completely different type of audience too. But, both were amazing and made me love going to the movies all over again. It’s just such a rush and experience when it’s a moment – The Avengers is such a moment.

How was your audience when The Dark Knight Rises trailer came on? I’ve heard from several people, my own experience included, that when it comes on…silence. You have to witness it, it’s kind of amazing. You just sit their and witness it all.

As for the movie? I loved it. I did. I can’t hide it. I can’t possibly try and hide my nerd boner, and I won’t. Was it groundbreaking? Of course not, but it was not trying to be either. The Avengers is the funnest, loudest, most enjoyable superhero movie probably ever. Hyperbole? Oh for sure, but I don’t think I’m wrong. I think this is truly my favorite. Key word: favorite. It’s not the best, no, but in terms of a fun fucking time, this is it. If you go in expecting a Nolan experience – for the world to be exposed, and life to be questioned – then you’re going in with wrong intentions. I laughed, I cried, I clapped, I did everything through out. I hate to use this line, but The Avengers is the MOST fun you will have at the theaters all year. Remember: fun! But even with all that fun, the film boasts a strong enough narrative to tide over the intellects, but that is the genius of Joss Whedon. Taking on characters with no big moral back story and giving them this kind of character development is a testament to his genius.

To say all that about it’s enjoyment doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie either. It’s so good. I think it works on almost every level and I have few, if any, complaints about the movie, especially now having seen it twice. I think the pacing is what makes this film works best. The first hour and a half, for the most part, is all dialogue. There are action scenes, yes, but this is Joss being Joss being Joss being Joss at his absolute FINEST. It’s all about the build up and then the pay off. The dialogue makes up for the lack of action and that is where so many other movies get it SO WRONG. Iron Man 2? Ugh, I enjoyed it for it’s moments but the build up was so dry because the script and the dialogue is so weak throughout. If you know a Joss Whedon production, then you know it’s always all about the dialogue. You guys, The Avengers is f-cking FUNNY. Like, intentionally too. Where this movie could’ve been the unintentional comedy of the year, it’s not and again, it’s all thanks to Joss’ script and the cast’s delivery.  (I loved all of Iron Man’s dialogue, of course, and Thor was legit funny throughout as well).

Even with all that dialogue though, this film is not short on action and summer blockbuster entertainment. The opening scene is a nice start to the film’s action but doesn’t even give you a taste of what is to come (but please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks the opening scene before the title appears is a nod to the series finale of Buffy, right?!). The last 40 minutes or so of the movie is just ALL ACTION ALL THE TIME. But not in a way where it’s loud and obnoxious for no reason. No. It’s purposeful, of course, but it’s more than that. Again, it’s so much fun. What we FINALLY see in this, is what the X-Men movies kind of hinted at but not really. What we see is the comic book figures interacting with one another. What makes this movie is the moments. It’s the little things. It’s the “Hulk…SMASH!” line Cap. gives to Banner. It’s when The Hulk smashes around Loki. It’s when Iron Man is BFFL’s with Banner. REALLY, this movie is all about The Hulk. (I’m going off of the intended topic of this paragraph but whatever). THIS MOVIE RIGHT HERE, this movie, is for The Hulk. This movie gives the justice the character deserved and needed to deeply. After one awful film, and one decent film, we finally have THE Hulk we’ve been waiting for. And it’s not just the amazingess of him during the last 40 minutes, a lot of credit goes to Mark Ruffalo. SO many people doubted him – for whatever unknown reason – but he completely immersed himself into the character. It’s in his body lanuage really that we see Mark become Banner and everything about Banner’s personality is so exposed that it made me want a real solo Hulk movie. I f-cking cared about THE HULK in this movie. I know. CRAZY.

It’s all of that and then more. The directing, the dialogue, the action, everything. The film just works and it delivers and I can confidentally say it is the best Marvel film to date, even with my strong affection for X2: X-Men United. 

See it. Now. And then again. And then one more time.



  1. Also loved it. So hilarious, so perfect. I need to see it again.
    One note on your writing: we live in CANADA, spell favoUrite right. Gosh, don’t sell out. ❤

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