READ: An Open Letter To The Parents Television Council

Just recently, the PTC has gone on to declare that they, the Parents Television Council, is weary of Howard Stern joining America’s Got Talent. This is what the organization had to say about Mr. Stern:

“Stern’s reputation for sleaze and misogyny is well known; and to our knowledge his only previous judging experience consisted of looking at insecure, naked young women and telling them whether or not they were hot enough to pose for Playboy,”

Classy, right? This isn’t the first time the council has had a problem with Stern. They’ve been having issues since 1999. I’ve been having issues with the PTC for years now. Let’s begin, shall we?

The council fears that he will be “rude” to young contestants, and apparently misogynistic to women because when a man as vocal yet comedic as Howard Stern (and Bill Maher for that matter) voice their opinions, they are instantly misogynistic. The PTC has had issues with countless shows over the years, like Glee and most recently ABC’s Good Christian Bitches. The PTC’s fear ultimately stems from their assumption that Stern will be rude towards children. I’ve never seen an episode of America’s Got Talent before because I have a full functioning brain, but I assume that children try out for this competition show – in addition to adults. What it comes down to is the notion that children should remain in this bubble and that Stern, the mean bad guy, would pop this bubble with his “rude” remarks. There are a few problems here. Like Stern or not, he is a more than grown man and I presume he will be able to resist calling little girls “cunts” on national television, but that is just a wild guess. The other problem is the fear “parents” hold toward “crushing” their children’s dreams. Did you read? A report was just released that claims reality television, such as this nonsensical problem and the Kardashians and the like aid children in believing “they can achieve their wildest dreams” as they witness others with little to no talent being broadcasted without filter. Because there is nothing like false hope and overly confident children.

My problem with all of this, and in particular the PTC is that they could be a really useful oranization. They could really help guide and restrict television but instead they go after headlines and easy targets. Have you channel surfed these days? There is a show for everything, everyone and everywhere. At this point I AM thisclose to having a reality show about… WHATEVER. I don’t need to know the ins and outs of a whatever a pawn star or an ice road trucker is. But those aren’t the shows I have a problem with nor are they the shows the PTC should have a problem with.

Have you ever come across TLC? TLC has to be one of the most disturbing channels on television. I can sum up what is wrong with the world in a title… Toddlers & Tiaras. In addition to that, they have a show called “Bridezillas” in which they provide a half hour showcase enforcing stereotypes. How about ABC? Where The Bachelor is going into it’s 500th season, showing women around the world that beating each other out for love, desperately, is a goal in their lives. I could go on but any show featuring women and being deemed “reality” should have the PTC’s attention. These shows should be the ones airing after 10 at night. But no. They don’t. And why? Because stereotypes are okay, stereotypes are recognizable, stereotypes are comforting. What isn’t comforting is crushing children’s dreams.

And this is where the problem is. The problem is with the Real Housewives and with the Jersey Shore-ites. Look, I’m not slamming reality television! I’ve fallen victim to a Hoarders marathon (more like a month-a-thon, I’m still affected). Sometimes it’s actually necessary, but only when done right. Reality Television is also only okay when  viewed through unimpressionable eyes. Sarah Silverman said it perfectly…

“I’ll tell you what’s offensive, these shows that aren’t even on pay TV, they’re on ABC on primetime; 25 women in JC Penny prom-dresses going “He took us to a castle! We’re special!” no he didn’t, producers procured him taking you to a castle…. I always want to like shake young girls – I mean watch these shows – but I think I can handle it. I mean, some young girls watching this?! I think there should be a warning that says this is not acceptable behavior”

But really. Word.

So I need the PTC to be an actual, caring, affective organization because at this point they are no different than PETA.



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  1. Agreed. Agreed Agreed. ALSO the parents of the PTC probably let their kids spend all day on facebook or twitter and take gross pictures and send them to each other. I quote from my 14 year old cousin “we all sext, we all send naughty pictures” This is coming from a girl who goes to church every sunday and believes in waiting until marriage. I told her that she’s an idiot and her generation scares the living shit out of me.

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