READ: Old Spider-Man Interviews New Spider-Man

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I feel like my friend Laura will really enjoy these pictures.

Anyways, Andrew Garfield sat down with the original Spider-Man, Tobey McGuire for an interview for V Man Magazine. The boys talk about everything, Broadway, Bootlegs and Babes (alliteration for the win!). What I find most interesting about the article is when Tobey discusses how Spider-Man reinvented the blockbuster. Blockbusters were always big but the first Spider-Man reinvented, or invented really, the Opening Weekend. When it made that $100 million, it was everywhere. It was insane. The Avengers made that much money in 36 hours! I find it all really facsinating. Will we ever get to a $300 million opening weekend. I mean, can you imagine?

But most important of all he gives him his blessing. Tobey says that when we heard Andrew had been cast he thought he was, quote, “f-cking perfect” for the role. Yes, I agree. But there are people out there who have a hard time believing he can play the part…of Peter Parker, which I really don’t understand why. What makes Parker so relatable and a favorite among many is his blank canvas; readers and audiences easily see themselves as this superhero by mistake figure. He’s not like Wolverine. He’s not like Iron Man and he most definitely is not like Bruce Wayne. Spider-Man is drawn a lot like Bart Simpson and Charlie Brown where, while an individual he doesn’t really stand out, which allows the audience to truly relate to him which, for me, makes him the perfect character to have actors come in and out playing him. While I thought Tobey did a solid job there is so much to improve on there and I honestly think Andrew – who is so passionate about this role – is really going to knock this out of the f-cking park.

If they ever re-cast Wolverine though… I mean…



  1. Wait my other comment didnt post!! It was something like Love you for the mention (it better be me!!!) he’s not really my type. Interesting interview idea!! and they better not re-cast wolverine

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