READ: What’s Been Renewed, Axed And Saved By TBS (Hint: Cougar Town!)

Cougar Town

Cougar Town (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

Lot’s of TV news today, so let’s just get to it, shall we?

ABC: Cougar Town has been saved by TBS, which is very exciting and pleasing. TBS has also purchased the rights to the first 3 seasons of the cult show. Very pleased at the moment.

CBS: With most of their hit shows renewed there isn’t much in the way of big news.

FOX: American Dad & Family Guy were just renewed today, while the network is holding out on The Cleveland Show at the moment. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were cancelled or not. Breaking In & I Hate My Teenage Daughter were both cancelled today…what? Exactly. The Finder, the Bones spin-off was cancelled last night as well as Alcatraz, both unsurprising. And lastly, FOX renewed the Keifer Sutherland show, Touch, for a second season. They’re giving it a chance but I don’t see a long life out of this one.  (In pick-up news, they picked up the Mindy Kaling show It’s Messy. BIG UPS TO MINDY! Very excited for this show, not so much the title though.

As for the most recent, and biggest news of the day…

NBC: The struggling Peacock Network just renewed 30 Rockfor it’s 7th and final season, totally expected and I am completely fine with this news. What else? Oh, PARENTHOOD was renewed you guys! I am very, VERY, happy right now.

That’s it for TV news but I will keep you updated, but TVLine does a really good job of that with THIS.


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