SNL Recap: Will Ferrell Hosted Episode Starts Off Incredibly Strong And Falls Apart Near The End

The show started off in an expected manner but welcomed none the less; Will brushed off his Bush (went there, not turning around) and Sudekis joined him with his solid Biden impression. It was quick and nice to see Will doing his Bush again. In light of it being Mothers Day in exactly 23 minutes from the time of his monologue, Will brought his mom onto the stage and dedicated the monologue to her and claimed it was unscripted. I’ll bite, I think it was all improv but the Time Magazine line was too manicured for me to fully believe that. The show then followed the monologue with a Nasaflu commercial that was a little ridiculous but the payoff at the end of commercial was completely worth it. Time for a commercial and were back and who is joining us? Oh, Ana Gasteyer showed up for their Hot Mic sketch. It was incredible. Bieber. LMFAO and a riff of Super Bass which became Super Gay. I loved this sketch a lot.

To follow that we have a personal favorite repeat sketch offender but one they don’t use often enough, ESPN Classics. Will Forte returned and this ESPN Classic was sponsored by Maxi Pads and, well, the lines in promotion for the product, as always, were amazing. Next we have the boy’s 100th digital short and by celebrating everyone returned. Like even Natalie Portman for a brief Natalie Raps PT2. I know all the words to the first one, no big deal. I loved it. It was fantastic. Usher preformed and then we returned with Weekend Update. It was one of the freshest written updates in a while. “Nic Cage” stopped by for Get In The Cage with Liam Neeson.

We returned with the worst sketch of the night. A CSPAN debate about Funkytown? It was just awkward and a mess and not funny and another wasted opportunity on something that wasn’t a sketch of The Voice. Following that mess was another mess of a sketch but not as bad. I forget the title but it had something to do with broadway and it was just far too light to make me care about it. And also unfunny. Usher preformed my jam Climax. We returned with the 25th Anniversary sketch which was okay but not solid enough to salvage the last 3rd of this episode.

Best sketch: The Culps and Digital Short.

Worst: the CSPAN sketch.

Head over to for my Canadian friends to watch last night’s sketch, and for you Americans, or work fine.


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