SNL Recap: Mick Jagger Hosts The Season Finale & Kristen Wiig’s Last Show

Click here to watch the farewell, which I will have on repeat for the next week.

YOU CRIED TOO, OKAY. Let’s cut the shit!

QUICK run down of the episode: Loved The Lawrence Welk Show sketch – as always. Loved the Secret Word sketch. Loved The Californians. Loved The Digital Short. And then that was it. Mick was in great spirits, kept up with the cast, surprisingly great.

OKAY, as for that farewell? I knew it was coming. I did. I had to. Once she came out as Judy on The Lawrence Welk show, I figured as much but I was still caught off guard. It’s really the end of an era. I’ve talked about Kristen many times on here. I love her a lot. There are so many characters of hers that I love: Judy, Target Lady, Aunt Linda, Liza Minelli, Bjork, etc, etc… the list is really TOO long. The show will be at a loss without her, for sure, but that was such a great f-cking tribute. The dancing. The everything. Rachel , Chris and Amy stopped by which just makes me love this show more and more. Such a big family. And the dance with Lorne? DONE. All class.

“Ruby Tuesday” will never be the same for me.

Thank you for everything, Kristen Wiig. Your future is bright.


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