READ: Stop Staying There Is Nothing Good On TV

Me, ages 0-21.

In last few weeks I have heard people complain that there is “nothing good on TV”. These people, keep in mind, are regular watchers of Glee and the recently departed, Missing (Mom & Dad, HEY!). I try to usually ignore this comment because for anyone who is a genuine fan of television, for me, I don’t think TV has ever been better.

I cam across THIS on the GQ website. Click through it and come back.

It’s genius, right? (I watch “Hush” at least twice or three times a year). It’s pretty dead on. My favorite rule is #9, though. There is WAY too much on TV, it’s true. For example, CBS has about 600 million shows, all are extremely popular and I only watch How I Met Your Mother from their offerings. Now, if you were to tell me there is a lot of crap on TV and then followed up that arguement by saying “BUT…this and this and this and this are all so good” then, I’m right there with you. For example, CBS has 600 million shows, all are extremely popular and, again, I ONLY watch How I Met Your Mother from their offerings.

You have to have patience, which nobody has anymore thanks to YouTube. You have to let TV shows grow, but in the day of Twitter & Facebook, who has time for that when you can just rush off your opinion on something and shoot it out there just to get Re-Tweeted (we’re all guilty of that). The most recent example of this is HBO’s Girls.

I watch A LOT of television. As I write this I’m catching up on season 3 of Vampire Diaries (to butch it up, I swear I only watch it for Nina Drobrev – but really, it’s more legit than it leads on) after having just marathoned some Mad About You and finally starting New Girl and Raising Hope. And after this, I’ll probably watch The Sopranos. So on and so forth the patern continues. Again, I LOVE TV. You have to look around, though, and you have to give things opportunities. The shows listed on rule #9 (I’d throw Cougar Town and maybe a few more shows onto that list) are, in all honesty, what is the best on major networks But right now, the time isn’t for major networks. HBO, AMC and Showtime are owning everyone’s ass right now.

So, please, don’t tell there isn’t anything good on TV. Because instead of watching The Big Bang Theory and Glee (which, this shows last 3 episodes, the only one’s I’ve watch of this season were actually…GOOD, but the inconsistency on this show is so frustrating) and then nothing else, look around. You know that show Mad Men everyone keeps talking about, well, watch it already. Please. For me.




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