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I know this is a few weeks old at this point but I haven’t really had the time to properly give this my undivided attention until now. So, attached, is the video of Lost creator, Dameon Lindelof, talking about the finale of Lost and the entire series. I’ve watched this a couple of times now and I can watch it over and over again because there are so many points that deserve your attention and that can spark a conversation. There is no greater conversation I enjoy than a smart, intellectual and based conversation about film and television. If someone knows what they’re talking about and wants to have a proper discussion, like the one above, I am more than down. Trust. I get embarrassing about it too.

I don’t think there has ever been a television series that causes as much a discussion about Lost. There is always that “Friends is better than Seifneld, Seinfeld is better than Friends” discussion, and when you bring up Buffy almost everyone nods in agreement about it’s amazingness, etc… but there really isn’t any other show that sparks such a debate and fury. Whatever your feelings about Lost, put them aside because this is about television and the show’s impact.

For me, I loved Lost. I didn’t love everything about it (I’m looking at you season 2 or 3) because that would be dumb as it most definitely had it’s fair share of problems but I got it. At least, I thought I got it back then and then Lindelof’s thoughts in the video above confirmed my suspicions of what I felt the show meant and was all about, which, not going to lie, made me feel SUPER f-cking smart. Lost isn’t a great TV show, no, but when it was good? F-CK. So good. And it’s never been replicated the exact same since. Every year they try and make the next Lost, but they can’t and they probably never will. And again, feelings aside, look at what Lost is, did and will be remembered for. It’s such a conversation piece.

The interview opens up with the interviewer declaring that audiences, in particular “fan-boys”, need answers to their programs. This is such a true statement and one I very much disagree with it. Again, I’m not saying that I don’t need everything a program purposes to be answered because that’s a lie, I like to feel included and know what the f-ck is going on and there were too many occasions during Lost that it got caught up in the Mystery and left the audience behind. Yes. But when it came to the series finale, I understood the finale of Lost. I think it was great and made sense. Yes, everything wasn’t answered but not everything SHOULD be answered. There is no more mystery anymore. In the era we currently live in where I know what most of the actors on Glee look like in their “leaked” nude pictures, mystery is out of style. Lost was a fun, dark, mysterious show that left you hanging, even now. And isn’t that the point? Like Lindelof says, you are STILL talking about the show 2 YEARS after it went off the air. What shows are you still talking about or what shows can you even barely remember? We will always remember Lost.

So, no, I don’t always need my answers and I don’t always need to be spoon-fed my conclusions. As is brought up during the interview, the ending of The Sopranos is beautiful yet made the simple minded viewers very angry because it left things hanging. Well folks, that’s life, things are left hanging, things go on and you never get all the answers you were entitled to. Did Lost create too many questions during it’s run, so many questions it could never answer all of them making that unfair? For sure and if that pisses you off I completely understand that but I felt going in that not everything was always going to be answered for me and while that makes Lost a mess at times and not perfect, I like that about it more.

Lastly, there is a moment in the interview were the interviewer purposes the idea that if Lost had ended with the Newhart style ending, i.e. waking up from a dream/it was all a dream, then that would’ve been a great, much more appropriate ending. Um… if the show ended like that I would’ve have thrown my TV against the wall because for a show like Lost that was daring and inventive and ambiguous to then copout with a dream ending would’ve been a greater waste of my TV life. No, but I really would’ve thrown the TV because what would’ve been the point of ALL OF THAT, EVERYTHING, for it to have simply just been a dream? F-ck right off.

As for Lindelof? First, I have a man crush on him but I digress. Secondly, I love that he has no regrets about the show. That’s uncommon, brave and good for him. GOOD. Is he being a little bullish in the interview where maybe he’s had some bigger issues with his product than he’s admitting to? For sure, but as creative people, we all get VERY defensive over our own things where you just kind of don’t want to back down. So, no I don’t think he’s lying about his feelings but you can tell how passionate and how much he cares about Lost. I just think he’s such a smart, classy and hilarious guy. For the full hour interview you can just click here.


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  1. You know that I was unsatisfied with the ending, though he justifies it (in the 12 minutes I watched because god I can’t listen to his voice any longer). I guess the ending was fine, if there was a conclusive ending it would have made more people unhappy.
    I know people still talk about Lost, but I don’t really talk about it anymore. actually I didn’t remember the ending until we talked about it. All I remember is a dog. (I would, right?). I might need to re-watch, but I don’t feel like getting that involved. Also the going back in time stint was soooo annoying. I’m not as crazy about Lost as everyone else is I guess.
    Love you

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