MUST WATCH: The Trailer For Disney’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Is Awesome. Just Awesome.

And lastly, to the best trailer of the day. I think we’d all agree that that would be this trailer, for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. 

I watched this at work and couldn’t contain my laughter. I also couldn’t contain my excitement. This reminds me a lot of Toy Story and that is such a compliment. I don’t know if this based on a children’s book/game/TV show/action figure/clothing line, whatever, but it’s brilliant and original and daring and fun and inventive and smart and just f-cking awesome.

The group meeting with those famous video game characters? I almost shit my pants.

I also thought this was Pixar until half way through the trailer I realized it wasn’t. Yup.



One comment

    ps wearing my rock of ages shirt that manu scored for me!! Matching shirts what upppppp
    (10$ in the douchebag jar)

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