READ: Anthony Mackie’s Time Is Now

When The Hurt Locker swept Hollywood a few years ago, it’s two stars – Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner – were on the top of everyone’s must lists. They were the next. Well, as we’ve seen, Jeremy Renner is currently winning the Average White Guy Actor race (the other contestants are Sam Worthington and Chris Pine as they’re all interchangeable). Jeremy Renner has worked SOLID for the last few years. I mean, he’s fucking Hawkeye in The Avengers, which, for someone my parents couldn’t pick out of a crowd, is kind of a big deal. Here’s the thing though: Jeremy Renner is boring as f-ck. I think The Bourne Legacy looks great and I’m excited, but as an actor he does absolutely nothing for me. He has no spark.

My main man Anthony Mackie on the other hand though, well, that’s a whole other story. This man is a movie star. He has the exuberance of Will Smith and the charm of Denzel. I love him. I think he’s so talented and so good, and he was actually my choice to replace Matt Damon in the Bourne series but, you know, God forbid we cast a black person in a major Hollywood production because it would probably make less money. But that’s a completely seperate discussion.

News broke today that Mackie has been cast in the upcoming sequel to Captain America, Captain America: The Winter’s Solider. The good guys over at has the full run down for you, but basically he would be playing Falcon, one of the first African-American superheroes. Though the Captain America franchise doesn’t make me hard, I love that Mackie is getting SUCH a big break like this. This is massive, and deserved.


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