READ: Early Buzz On ‘The Bourne Legacy’ And It’s Good!



Though they are only two tweets, and don’t offer much more than some thoughts on the action, they seem promising. I was worried for The Bourne Legacy for a bit there. This has been one of the most exhausting summers in film that I can remember; so many opinions, so much yelling on Twitter, I just want one movie to come out that we can all agree on. I’m mainly all about world peace, obviously.

The Bourne Legacy has a lot riding on it. There’s a lot of criticism with it going on without Damon or Greengrass, and Jeremy Renner, though in The Avengers, is NOT a proven star or household name to really carry a franchise like this. And, for me, a lot of it has to do with Renner. For me, this movie is his make or break it, both with audiences in general and with myself. I place him in the Interchangeable White Guy Actor category with fellow members Chris Pine & Sam Worthington. Though, out of those 3 I prefer Renner the most, I’m still not sold.

The film does look awesome though and though these are just two reviews, who knows? I’m hoping it’s good. This is a good start.



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