READ: Your #TIFF12 Rundown


The announcement was made this morning. A quarter of the films being shown at TIFF have been named. But first: did you see the drama unfold on Twitter as Variety published the list before TIFF was even able to make the announcement themselves? It was the best shit ever. But not as amazing as the Dark Knight Rises battle between the nerds that happened on the weekend between @FirstShowing and @SlashFilm. That was so amazing I’d like it chronicled in a 7 installment book series.

Back to Toronto, back to TIFF! So, thoughts? Admittedly, I was a little underwhelmed but I also fully expected The Master to open the festival, so that’s my own fault. But, like with every year, I read the list of films coming to the festival but never actually register which film that is and who is in it. I mean, Thank You For Sharing with Paltrow, Ruffalo and Pink is coming to the festival (I like a good indie comedy at TIFF) and Imogene with Kristen Wiig and Annette Benning. See? I’m already more excited just writing those names down.

As announced today, Looper (with Bruce Willis, Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Emily Blunt) would be opening the festival. This year TIFF is going for blockbuster meets indie, and I think that perfectly describes Looper. And, I mean, this film is just getting so much f-cking buzz, it was a good decision. I don’t know if The Master is eventually going to be announced, but I do think they missed an oppurtunity there.

Click here for the full list of films coming to the festival. It’s another exciting year at TIFF, I’m already exhausted from it BUT… you guys, my God Joss Whedon is coming to TIFF. If I meet him. I don’t even know…



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