MUST WATCH: The 2nd And Even More Awesome Trailer For ‘Skyfall’

“Less of a random killing machine, and more of a personal statement”

Badass, right? But at the same time…RIDICULOUS!

The first half of the trailer is everything we’ve come to expect from the Daniel Craig Bond movies, but this time they’ve brought back the character Q which I’m super pumped about. Then the 2nd half of the trailer happens. AND THEN JAVIER BARDEM’S HAIR HAPPENS.

Thing is, I’m not complaining. Yes, it’s f-cking ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous if not more, than Bane’s voice in The Dark Knight Rises. But…it’s kind of the cheesy Bond, ridiculous awesomness this iteration of Bond has been missing, right? Yes the grittiness is something I’ve come to love and appreciate, but these last 2 bond films have been quite… dry?… to say the least. I love Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace is…well..Quantum Of Solace… but I think Javier’s ridiculous, over the top, blonde bombshell villian is a more than welcomed change of pace (or return to it’s roots) for this series. Though, I’m not the biggest Bond nerd so school me if this isn’t a throwback to the Bond villains of yore.

I was going to do a humorous take on Javier’s villain but the unmatched Michael K over at wrote a genius one up already. Click here.

But again this trailer is just so good. It reminds me a lot of the trailer for TDKR. I’m excited!


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