READ: #TIFF Day 1 Recap – Jason Reitman’s Live Reading of ‘American Beauty’


*TIFF scheduale means little sleep, lots of coffee and poor grammar. I apologize in advance if this unreadable* 

At the last minute on Thursday I decided to purchase tickets to attend a Jason Reitman Live Reading. They’ve been going on in LA and NYC for the last little while and one finally made its way to Toronto. So, Jason Reitman called up his super famous friends like George Strombolopolous, Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks and, to quote Jason, Bryan F-cking Cranston. How as the live reading? It was everything and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to kick off TIFF ’12.

I haven’t seen American Beauty in a very, very, VERY long time so this was like watching it all over again for the first time and I thought the stage reading was done exceptionally well. There were a few technical issues at the beginning but after that it was smooth sailing ahead. The cast was fantastic together but the standout, obviously, was Bryan F-cking Cranston. The man is magnetic and I don’t need to use any other word to describe him. Though I find him to be play a similar tone with most of his roles and I’ve yet to have my Breaking Bad virginity taken from me (TIFF causes my writing to become both erratic and sexual) you cannot look away when he’s acting. He was dramatic, intense and most importantly, genuinely interested in doing the reading (though they all were for the record). I came out of the reading loving the experience but loving Bryan even more. If a Jason Reitman Live Reading comes near you, or you have the chance to attend one, do it – it’s a must for film lovers.

Leaving the theatre was mad chaos because getting inside the Live Reading had been delayed and our reading ended up clashing with a premiere. Which one? Oh, the one with that girl from Twilight. Kristen Stewart. It was chaos but she seemed to be in genuinely good spirits and I’ve heard lots of generally positive buzz about her film, On The Road. Kristen Dunst and Garret Hedlund were also in attendance with a surprise audience member in James Franco.

TIFF tip: there was a major issue with the Live Reading today which had a lot to do with the line ups, and waiting to pick up tickets at the venue. So my advice to you is to please pick up your tickets at the box office on King St before any and all of your screenings, it makes things easier for everyone. If you can’t just show up super early.

And a shameless plug is a shameless plug: remember to follow me on Twitter for everything TIFF related (@jthecritic).



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