LISTEN: Adele’s Theme Song For ‘Skyfall’ Gets Everything Right


Let’s face it, we haven’t had a truly memorable and fantastic Bond theme song in a very long time. I’m not asking if you enjoyed the last two, I’m declaring that there hasn’t been one that has been memorable, that can be so quickly identified with the particular Bond film it’s capturing in years. Well, that is until now. Have a listen to Adele’s fantastic theme song, “Skyfall”, for the Bond film of the same name (of course):

But, it just works on every single level, right? It’s EXACTLY what I imagining when it was announced that Adele had been chosen to sing. Which, brilliant decision on everyone’s part here. For Adele, she’s able to release new music (this), pleasing fans and critics and doesn’t have to release a new album, buying her some more time between releases. For the film, Adele is such a high profile artist, it brings more attention to Skyfall, which it needs after Quantum of Solace. It’s a win win for everyone and seeing as it’s currently #1 on iTunes, this investment is clearly working out.

Back to the song. Again, just perfect. The voice, the lyrics, the Bond elements cleverly laced throughout. It works not only as a theme song, but as a standalone, which is the mark of a great theme song.

Now, let’s hope the film is half as good.



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