READ: Elizabeth Banks The Producer Is Much More Interesting Than Elizabeth Banks The Actress


When the credits rolled for Pitch Perfect, I noticed that Banks had a producers credit on the film. I was surprised by this and actually quite turned on (film wise, not sexually). It should also be noted that her role as a commentator in Pitch Perfect is completely ridiculous (in the vein of the ESPN commentators from the SNL sketch) and the most I’ve ever enjoyed her on film (her work on 30 Rock has always been great). But Banks the producer, now that’s something I can get behind.

There was a time when Elizabeth Banks was my original Olivia Wilde (if you’re new to this blog, Olivia Wilde is the antichrist). I mean that as, she was in so much, all at once, for no reason and none of them did well (for the most part). It felt like Banks was being forced on us and without any reason. This is nothing against her because I’m sure she’s a nice person, she hates Nikki Finke like the rest of us, but I just don’t think Banks is a movie star, or the movie star they were selling her as.

A few days ago Deadline broke the story that Elizabeth Banks, in light of the success of Pitch Perfect, had sold a female centric comedy to CBS. The plot is all very The House Bunny meets whatever, and I’m not very interested in it right now, but between this and Pitch Perfect, I like that Banks is very driven to find more and more projects that revolve around or feature a mostly female cast. More of this kind of Elizabeth Banks, please!



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