RECAP: Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 2

Remember when I told you to watch last week, promising you nothing but endless laughs? Well I was right, wasn’t I?  Almost…

I thought the second episode of this season was much funnier than the first. Now, with that said, it obviously was not as good. The premiere had a sense of purpose, was concise and rid itself of all unnecessary jokes. Sometimes Happy Endings can get VERY manic (there was one episode from last season that I found so irritating I turned off half and have never fully watched) and tonight’s episode is a perfect example of how messy this show can get at times. Now, while it was messy I don’t think it was off its game either. The opening scene was perfection and Jane and Penny’s car storyline was the saving grace of this episode.

I assume this episode wasn’t a full blown Halloween episode because of how ABC decided to air the season near the end of October, and maybe didn’t give the writers enough time to come up with one? I’m not sure, obviously, but this makes sense to me. The writers love the holidays, so of course they included the opening bit, which was absolutely brilliant. They captured the spirit of LaToya Jackson, in comparison to all the other Jackson’s perfectly, didn’t they? “Stupid LaToya!”

As I stated last week, the show works best when the group is paired off and then comes together. While that is true, it also depends on which two of them is paired up. Alex and Dave, when paired together, bring the show down massively but when they are apart they do just fine and I don’t know why that is. Maybe it’s the lack of chemistry between the two actors (though they are trying) or the lack of chemistry between the characters, but when these two come together, it’s just a lot of me not caring. I hope that whatever storyline they’re trying to make happen between the two of them ends soon. Max and Brad also had a storyline this week, and while it was a step up from Alex & Dave’s, it was completely overshadowed by Penny and Jane’s so I’m going to ignore it as well.

Eliza Coupe is brilliant and completely underrated. I always knew how good she was, of course, but tonight it really struck me. While Casey Wilson is arguably the most talented comic on the show, Eliza really knows when to give and when to hold back and she’s made Jane so interesting and different from the other 5. Jane worked so well this episode because we all know Jane in this episode and we all want to be Jane, especially in negotiating situations. The entire dealership storyline reminded me of an Ellen DeGeneres standup routine from years back; simple, relatable and so ridiculous, but completely nailed the entire human experience. When Jane runs down the random & ridiculous staircase (in the middle of the dealership) is when I realized how spot on all of this was. If it weren’t for this storyline the episode would’ve been easily dismissible.

Sometimes I wonder who writes this show. I know WHO writes this show, but WHO writes this show!



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