Merry Christmas: ‘Boy Meets World’ Sequel Series In The Works

You guys, it’s happening. It’s all happening.

I find that the best news breaks while I’m at the gym. Two weeks ago it was announced that Amy & Tina would be hosting the Golden Globes as I was mid treadmill. Tonight, it was announced that the Disney Channel is working on a sequel series to ‘Boy Meets World’ while I was mid…um…taking a break. Look, I’m getting healthy and bringing you the best of what Hollywood has to offer.

The details are sparse but what we do know is more than enough: the series would be titled ‘Girl Meets World’, focusing on Cory & Topanga’s daughter (!!). Ben Savage is in talks, and they hope – of course – to get Danielle Fishel as well (she’s not busy so I’m signing the contract for her).  I’ll be honest: this was me when I read the news. Then followed by this. It was a lot to process. If you’re a child of the 90’s, this news means a lot to you and I mean that very seriously. I grew up with Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Mr. Feeny, and co. I know every episode, every plotline, every character, etc… To quote my friend @MaxLHad, I’m more excited for this than about the Star Wars news from earlier this week. Yes.

Now, here’s what worries me. The current state of sitcoms on the Disney Channel are, in a word, shit. Some are less shit than others but for the most part, they are shit. Boy Meets World wasn’t ground breaking, I know this, but it comes from a different time when this type of sitcom was king, and wasn’t mocked or written off. What Boy Meets World lacked in originality it made up for in heart. The show had so much heart and I believe that is what made it such a huge success that has continued to remain relevant to this day (you watched the classic Halloween episode this Halloween too, right? Just checking). The current slate of Disney Channel comedies lack not only originality, but also the heart this series had. It needs this to be a success/for me to keep up with it beyond the pilot.

With my obvious fears aside, I’m excited for this. It could turn out to be a mess but that initial first episode/the pilot  (if this even goes through) will be amazing. To see them all back together, and not just for some half-assed mediocre special? I’m there. I’m so there. I’m going to need the original cast to either be returning characters, or to make special guest appearances from time to time. Obviously this show will focus on the daughter’s foray into her teenage years, blahblahblah… and that’s exciting as well…blahblahblah…but I need Shawn and Cory onscreen together again! I NEED THIS.

Also: If Mr. Feeny isn’t the Godfather to Cory & Topanga’s daughter, I sincerely can’t get behind this.



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