Misfits Series 4 Episode 2 Recap

Is there a show you don’t miss? You miss it when it’s off the air but when it’s on and you remember there was a new episode you kind of have to be forced to watch it? Maybe it’s just me but that’s how I am with Misfits. I love Misfits, I do, but it’s a weird relationship we have.

Last week ended on what we thought would lead to a very dark storyline with the girl who was tied up. This episode opened with the girl who was tied up and Finn, presumably, trying to take of advantage of her against her will. It was an ill-conceived scene especially since this girl – the actress, at least – was able to pin down Finn with her knees. Finn, though scrawny, shouldn’t have had such a hard time escaping this position. So, he uses his telekinesis to knock her out by dropping a, um, coffee mug on her head. To add insult to injury, this scene was layered with a lighthearted pop song; nothing about this scene meshed together, much like most of what followed

This episode focused on Finn, for the most part, which may have added to it’s weakness; he’s new and we’re not completely focused on him yet. Not an awful episode, of course, and it had it’s moments (Joseph Gilgun was on fire this entire episode but we’ll get to that in a moment) and it started off well enough, then started to go downhill when the girlfriend became untied. All this mystery for something that was shown for a minute in the episode before this, and solved 20 minutes into the second episode? Thanks for the blue balls, Misfits! If you’re going to tie someone up, at least make it worthwhile! When the girlfriend was untied we find out that she apparently used her power against Finn, to control him and be possessive and thus making her character a stereotypical female in a relationship. How did this become so generic so fast?!

Rudy was typical Rudy in this episode, and just for comic relief from, you know, the girlfriend being tied up. I loved this side of the episode; yes it was typical and yes it was it was cliché but it was a well-done cliché, mainly thanks to Gilgun’s timing. The sex scene with the blind girl? I loved every minute of it. Even when she said she could communicate with her dog (does everyone they encounter have powers or…?)

Line of the episode: “In the words of the great Lionel Richie, “Hello”!”



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