READ: Anne Hathaway’s ‘SNL’ Is Expectedly Solid

Remember when I predicted, like, 2.5 sketches from tonight’s episode? Just let me have this right now because it’ll never happen again.

There is nothing more satisfying than a consistently solid episode of Saturday Night Live. This was the most I’ve enjoyed an episode all season and a huge improvement from last week’s episode hosted by Louis C.K.

The Cold Open: The show began how I thought it would, for the most part, so mind my momentary gloating.  Mitt picking up drinking post-loss was so obvious and the only way to go, right? I wish it would’ve been hard liquor instead of milk because it’s a tired joke but, for the most part, the open worked, but it wasn’t the defining moment of the night.

The Monologue: Either you love or hate Anne Hathaway and there really isn’t an in-between with her. I don’t get it but I get it; I think she’s earnest, talented and genuine and this monologue exemplified all of that. Is she over-the-top, too much and borders on exhausting? For sure, but I’d rather see someone genuinely care & try all the time then just be there, like, say, January Jones. Again, the monologue was a singing one because of course Anne needed to sing, but it was a nice little spoof of Les Miserables and it set the tone for the rest of the night.

Best Sketches: There were so many tonight. The Homeland one worked in spite of Anne’s Claire Danes, which was beyond the point of mockery and verged on ridiculous, which was the point, I know, but it didn’t work. She got Clarie Danes down, or the ridiculousness of Carrie on the show, but it was the weakest part of an otherwise brilliant sketch. Bill Hader, Taran Killiam and Nasim Pedram were all standouts in this sketch. The Ellen Sketch wasn’t laugh out loud funny BUT it nailed the tone of Ellen’s show down completely. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to click too much with the audience which I think had a lot to do with the fact that Ellen’s been on the air for 10 years now and it’s kind of been there done that, but there were so many inspired lines throughout this sketch and, again, it nailed the tone of the show and McKinnon’s Ellen is unmatched as is Anne Hathaway’s impeccable Katie Holmes impression (Being psychic part 2), which I could watch all day. That ridiculous Mokiki sketch and the American Gothic sketch were also my favourites.

Worst Sketches: I found it odd that they chose the first sketch of the night to be the Girlfriends one. It was fine, it was harmless, but it just didn’t click and I think that had a lot to do with Cecily Strong. She’s the weakest cast-member, in my opinion, and lacks any comedic timing; she’s either ahead or behind on delivering the joke.

Musical Guest: Rihanna stayed away from any sketches tonight, as expected, and just focused on the music. Her performance of “Diamonds” was ridiculous and that green screen did nothing for no one but her second performance of the night was “Stay” off of Unapologetic and it was the best she’s ever sounded, probably. She looked like a babe, as always.

Thoughts? Favourite episode of the season so far? Sound off below or let’s talk it about it on Twitter (Follow me: @jthecritic)



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