Cast The Movie: ‘Gone Girl’ Edition


Sometime last week it was announced that David Fincher was circling the film adaptation of the best selling book, Gone Girl. Though 2012 was a weak year in the literature world, Gone Girl was the It book. So, naturally, the film adaptation comes next. What’s to follow will be heavy on spoilers so if you have not seen the book and want to be surprised by the movie, this is your warning.

I started and finished the book this week (it’s a fun, highly addictive and entertaining read) after the news broke that Fincher could possibly direct. I had the book laying around for the better part of last year but never got around to it until a friend reminded me I had to read it. Now, going into a book already knowing too much about the film adaptation alters your interpretation, so of course I think Fincher will do a good job as I read it with his style in mind. While I was reading it though, I could also picture Wes Craven taking a stab (PUNNNNNN) at this. It has the humor and twists of the Scream films and he knows how to make a fun thriller (Red Eye) and if he restrained a little I think he’d knock it out of the park.

What else we know: Author Gillian Flynn is writing the screenplay (thank God) and Reese Witherspoon is a producer on the project. It’s unknown if she will star and here’s hoping she doesn’t. I like Reese, she is (or was) capable, but she’s lost her star and her roles as of late have been extremely uninspired. Gone Girl would be a great change of pace for her and a step in the right direction to fix her career, but I don’t think she will be particularly believable. For those who’ve read the book (again, major spoilers to follow) until the major twist is revealed, I think she’d do an exceptional job. But then after that, I don’t know if I could believe Reese Witherspoon as someone who could pull off attempted murder and framing her husband, etc… And I don’t believe she would want to take that role on either; America’s Sweetheart would never.

After having read the book I’m still unsure of whom I would cast for a majority of the characters. For Amy I’d maybe like to see Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams or Charlize Theron because I know they would all just kill it even though they’re more of a woman than Amy is described as. UPDATE: After writing this I Google searched the book to find a picture of the cover and what did I come across? A picture of Rachel McAdams. Well, that’s my Amy. She could pull it off and it’s something her stale career needs. Moving on… A part of me just wants this movie to cast two A-list actors. I know everyone says that the Movie Star is dying but I will always love the thrillers from the 80s and 90s that turned actors into Movie Stars. If all goes well with this film, it could be this generation’s Fatal Attraction. My friend who told me to read the book (if you’re reading this, HELLLEEER) mentioned that the only person who should play Go is Catherine Keener. As I was reading it I wasn’t sold on the idea, but after some consideration I agree. I think for the pivotal role of Nick you need someone who the audience will be able to believe didn’t do it, turn on him when they’re convinced he did and then believe he didn’t, but ultimately won’t really like because both Nick and Amy are terrible people. Michael Fassbender is my Nick. The role will probably go to Jeremy Renner or Chris Pine because Hollywood hates me. And Andie will be played by Megan Fox, because, obviously.

I would maybe like to see the last third of the book (film) and it’s ending altered slightly. Though I enjoyed the book and I devoured it in just a few days, it starts to fall apart after the reveal. If there is anything I can do without, it’s the portion of Amy’s double life. It had it’s moments, but it ultimately did nothing for me other than wasting time and I can already picture how it would translate on film and I still don’t care. While I loved the ending and found it completely unnerving and true to the book, I think there’s room for improvement and I’m hoping Flynn and Fincher (if I ever write a buddy cop movie, those will be the names) will read this and listen.


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