I Don’t Need A ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie, But I’m Excited For It

veronica mars

I’m sure you’ve already heard the news, but incase you haven’t: Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell started a Kickstarter campaign for the Veronica Mars movie this morning. If the Kickstarter reached $2 million (it’s already well past $1 million), you could officially consider the movie in production. Basically: Twitter shit it’s pants.

A VM movie had been discussed for years and years since it’s cancellation in 2007. They were really serious about it at one point and then the studio backed out and they kept trying but it never went anywhere so Kristen & Rob kind of gave up. Then this happened. Kind of historic and amazing, right? I mean, it’s just an interesting story how they had to get the project going.

Now, a few months ago I wrote a piece complaining about all these TV shows coming back or fans campaigning to save their show. I asked, what’s wrong with 3 really great seasons of a really great TV show (in reference to Arrested Development)? I’m excited for the upcoming new season of AD, of course, but I was fine without. Same goes for this Veronica Mars movie: I’ll be there opening night (I’m so excited) but I didn’t need it. (Remind me how I feel about this if and when they cancel Happy Endings, thanks).

The possibilities though! How’s it going to work? I can’t even talk about it because, you know.

I never watched or even had any interest in VM until last year when my good friend Julie made me watch the series. I ate seasons one and two up in a matter of two weeks. And then there was season 3 – the third and final season. I never finished it. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to. The third season had it’s moment, sure, but it just didn’t work and those first two seasons were so perfect that I didn’t want to ruin it. “It’s a TV show, get over it” – is what normal people would respond with. I know, I know. But, you dont understand!

This post is better if read it like it’s being told in a Veronica voice-over.




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  1. I totally hear you on that, but for me it’s a matter of a show ending on a high note and being cancelled too soon. AD and VM were cancelled and who knows what could have happened around the corner in season 4. I just hate being left hanging with a show, I need some resolution. It doesn’t have to be wrapped up with a big red bow but I need something. Also, you rarely see actors who work SO well together like they do on both AD and VM so it will be great to have them work together again, I just hope it doesn’t taint the memory.

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