“Cups” Is Getting The Radio Treatment

Stumbled upon this article on Billboard.com yesterday about how Anna Kendrick’s song “Cups” from Pitch Perfect – the song and the soundtrack have both gone Gold, by the way – has been reworked for radio. You can read the entire piece here but basically, the song did so well digitally through word of mouth and people seeing Pitch Perfect that they reworked it for radio. I love both versions, and while I think it’s a little too short to work on radio, this could go somewhere really interesting.

Pitch Perfect did well at the box office, but as expected, it’s absolutely exploded through On Demand and home video sales, and the soundtrack is outrageously popular. You’ve seen it by now, right? Not a perfect movie but when it’s on fire it’s more fun than most movies I saw last year and the performance of “Cups” is one of my favourite scenes.

I find this interesting because this all could have been done a year ago and they could have reworked it and made it for radio rather than reworking it for radio. It’s rare in Hollywood when they let things find their own audience and take time to grow, kind of like what they did with the movie itself. I have no doubt that if Universal took it’s time with the PP sequel which is in the works (they won’t) it could be a massive hit. I really, really hope they find a way to get the entire original cast back because that’s the only way I’d enjoy it.

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