Happy Endings Recap(s): It’s Back (Forever…?)


Did you miss it? I missed it. A lot. Happy Endings is to me what, say, HGTV is to my parents. Or Dragon’s Den. Do you like Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank for you Americans)? I don’t watch it, but I get the addiction. So, after a very long 59 days without my addiction being treated, Happy Endings has returned to my TV…on a Friday. But it’s okay, we’ve moved past that. Incase you didn’t know, the show will be airing TWO episodes on Fridays for the next 10 weeks and I couldn’t be happier and more concerned at the same time. I do think it will be cancelled, but I have some insane hope that it won’t or that if it is, TBS will pick it up. Just let me have this…

The first of the two was your basic episode of the show. It was good and it was enjoyable and it had had a guest star in David Allen Grier (Jumanji is always and forever prominent in pop culture). Brad’s job issue took center stage in this episode and though it’s not been the most enjoyable or memorable storyline as I think was hoped for by the show’s producers, it’s been the most normal aspect of this insane show that centers on very insane people. Each character shows humility and vulnerability from time to time, but it’s always been the more “dramatic” moments between Brad & Jane that I’ve found endearing and the show’s emotional anchor. This has a lot to do with how well Damon & Eliza play their characters.

I enjoyed the second of the two episodes much more. Happy Endings can get into trouble when it gets too manic, and Max’s “straight acting” storyline would have been easy for this show to stumble over but it didn’t and it was very enjoyable. The one liners came from every direction in this episode but it was Alex/Elisha Cuthbert’s beautifully orchestrated “Taken & Taken 2” joke that absolutely slayed me. Though I’m not a big fan of Abby Elliot’s acting (loved her sketch work on SNL, of course) I loved seeing her and fellow ex-SNLer, Casey Wilson in scenes together. (Did they talk shit about Lorne in rehearsal? This is the stuff I need to know)



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