Let’s Talk About ‘Spring Breakers’ (Forever….)


Are you sick of everyone discussing Spring Breakers? We’ll, I’m about to share my 2 cents. Sorry ‘bout it.

Let’s get right into it, shall we? Spring Breakers is not for everyone and I know that is a sweepingly general statement, but it’s also very true. About 90% of the people who see it will hate it because they didn’t get it or got it and still hated it and the other 10% got it and loved it. I fall into that 10%, and that doesn’t make me better than those who didn’t enjoy it. (Aside: Some of you won’t agree but this movie felt a lot like Drive, from what the general audience was expecting, to the walkouts and the complaints, to the style of the movie)

I knew going into the movie that I was going to like it, or rather, I knew what to expect from it, which softened the blow. I knew what it was about, or what Korine’s intention was, and after having finally seen it, I was not disappointed. What is Spring Breakers? Spring Breakers is not Project X. Spring Breakers is Korine’s answer to 12-18 year olds who think they can live forever, who live their life through social media and who want everything out of entertainment. You want nudity? Here’s 90 minutes of it. You want flashing lights? Here’s 90 minutes of that too. You want EDM? Here’s a soundtrack produced entirely by Skrillex. This is Korine’s gift for them and it’s a giant, brilliant joke on the audience. The first 3 minutes of the movie is what the audience is hoping it will be and it’s very much not that.

For the generation that has self-diagnosed themselves with ADD, Spring Breakers is the answer to that. Though thin in plot and development, there is always something to look at. Always. That wasn’t enough for my audience, though, and from what I’ve been hearing, this goes for all audiences who have seen it; the girl in front of me – who thoroughly did not enjoy the movie – texted and tweeted the entire time. This is Korine’s point though, right? That Korine gave these people exactly what they’ve been bitching and moaning about for years and, yet, that still isn’t enough? Moreover, take James Franco’s character. Franco, who is brilliant in the role, plays Alien who thinks he is invincible. Now, there’s an entire blog post on his character (is he Riff Raff? Is he K-Fed?) but the scene in which he is showing off his pad to the girls and says the line “I got Scarface on repeat everyday” is when I knew exactly where Korine was going with this. And I loved it.

The movie is beautiful – for what it is, and is thoroughly entertaining. It looses a bit of steam near the end but ends just before it runs out of gas completely. The soundtrack is fantastic – for what it is (if you don’t enjoy Skrillex and that genre, bring an Advil). There are so many moments in this movie that I have on repeat in my head right now, and, of course, the Britney Spears scene (the “Every time” one) is #1. I mean…no words

Spring Breakers is enjoyable – even if you hated it, there was a joy in hating it. You can’t deny Franco’s incredible performance. Now, what you take away from it is going to be completely different from what I did or what someone else did. For me, it’s the false idea, or distortion rather, of The American Dream. Those Britney Spears songs are in there for a reason (see: her entire career as a metaphor for this movie)… God, I could talk about this movie for hours…

Also: Spring Breakers 2: Where Did Heather Morris Go?

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