Let’s Talk About ‘Evil Dead’


For most film fans, remakes are a scary thing because more often than not, they can turn out wrong and that is especially the case with the horror genre. Fright Night is a great remake but that’s not necessarily a horror film and I’ll defend the 2002 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake but that’s about it (Don’t even get me started on Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” movies because I cannot with those). There are a few more remakes that are “good” but at the moment, they aren’t coming to me. For a remake to be good and to prove it’s case it has to either, for me, offer something different than the original and/or improve upon the original film. I don’t think the first Evil Dead movie is particularly good, I think it became a cult hit by accident, but I love the second one. So, because I don’t have a particular attachment to these films, I was all for this remake. And, for me, I very much enjoyed it.

You should know the plot of Evil Dead and if you don’t you can see yourself out of this blog (just kidding, come back, I need your views). There isn’t much to the plot in the original film, and this film included a decent amount of character development and a solid argument as to not only why these teenagers are at this cabin but choose to stay during the beginning of the nonsense that comes. This is only the beginning of the vast improvements upon the original. You can and, of course, should compare the two, but I see them as separate films.

What I loved most about the film is it’s look. It’s incredibly well shot and is actually really beautiful (well, as beautiful as a movie like this can be) in some scenes. The script is strong but it seems to be missing Diablo Cody’s voice that we’ve come to love/hate but it’s a very solid script. I loved the score, I loved the deaths, I really enjoyed a lot of this film. Though it has some issues that I can’t dismiss (it falls apart after the first hour, only to be saved by the fantastic finale and credits scene) I genuinely enjoyed this remake, a lot. It’s very much it’s own film, honors the original (and the sequel) and did everything right. I thought it could have maybe been a little funnier (there are a few missed opportunities where they could’ve put in some awesome one-liners) but again, I was never bored and always entertained by it, which is this film’s intent.

I’ve seen some complaints that this isn’t scary and this bothers me. First: um, the first two are about the furthest things from scary, obviously, so why does this have to be? I don’t think this was supposed to be scary. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some “jumpy” moments that worked on me (granted I’m a baby) but I wasn’t expecting to be scared by this. I wanted blood and lots of it, and it delivered like Dominos. Did I mention how amazing Jane Levy is in this? BECAUSE SHE’S AMAZING.



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