Community Recap: A Gleeful Episode


So rarely are things purely fun and joyous. See: Pitch Perfect. Though far from being a great movie, it works because of how enjoyable it is. The same can be said about last night’s absolutely stellar episode of Community. Far from perfect – though, what I would consider to be the best episode of the season – it was so fun and joyous, it was the most I’ve enjoyed this show since some point during last season.

A lot of fans were weary about this all muppet episode of the show. Mostly because the current “state” of the show, because if this had been done during the show’s first 3 seasons, everyone would be overjoyed and calling for all of the Emmys.

This show has shown itself during the most creative and complex moments. The stop motion animation episode? The paintball episode(s)? So I don’t know why it was such a surprise that this episode was so good. Well, I know why, but if we stopped being so dismissive of everything as soon as we can, and let shows find their groove, we’d have less TV stress.

As always, people were able to find flaws. Someone on my Twitter noted that “the episode wasn’t a complete disaster but the songs weren’t great”. Oh, okay. Ugh, the Internet.



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