It Was Worth It


Remember that time I sat through 2 hours of whatever the f-ck the MTV Movie Awards were just to watch the Catching Fire trailer live even though it went online about, mmmm, 50 seconds after it’s TV debut? KKKK…

First, I want to briefly discuss the “awards”. I have no problem with the ridiculousness that is the MTV Movie Awards. Save me you’re issues with MTV and your issues with the winners (technically speaking, The Avengers was the movie of the year. No one is saying it was Best Picture, PLEASE RELAX) because, AGAIN, this is MTV. How does this still get people fired up? Anyways, that show was a mess. Rebel Wilson was a good host, but the production and the direction didn’t help her. If you listened, her jokes were actually really solid but between the poor camera work and awkwardness of it all, it was just a really, really poorly produced show. And when did Will Ferrell become the uncle I’m embarrassed for?

Moving on…

So yes, it was technically worth enduring that mess of a show. Now that’s how you build anticipation, right? The opening shot? Amazing. I’m all over this trailer. I love how the entire 2nd half of the book isn’t shown. LIKE AT ALL. Everyone is in for a real f-cking treat. ALSO: PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.

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One comment

  1. Great trailer, I’m even more excited for this movie now! I love how they don’t show any footage of Katniss’ second Hunger Games. It’s just going to build suspense even more.

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