Last night the third trailer for Man of Steel dropped. I had made a promise to myself that I would refrain from watching a lot of the trailers or TV spots for major movies this year. But then all of Twitter shit it’s pants over this trailer.

Is it good? Yea, it’s good. Great, actually. Like, maybe the best trailer I’ve seen in forever. But…remember how great the trailers for Sucker Punch were? Ya. Zach Snyder cuts a beautiful trailer all the time, this is nothing new. The quality of the product is always up for debate. But… but… I’ve heard from people who have seen a roof cut (Happy Endings reference, why aren’t you watching?!) of the film and that we’re going to be surprised (in that it’s a lot better than anyone expected).

I really disliked the teaser that was attached to The Dark Knight Rises and I was alone on that one, but God, I love this trailer. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS SUCK.

Also: Amy Adams always.


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