About Amanda Seyfried

(This came up in my Google search for a picture. I'm ready to talk about this when you are)

(This came up in my Google search for a picture. I’m ready to talk about this when you are)

I find her fascinating. Not in the way I find, say, Beyonce and Jay-Z fascinating and I would sell my body for years and years and years to become their friend, but in the way that I can’t get enough of her even though she’s so vanilla to me.

Amanda Seyfried works just as much, IF NOT MORE, than any other young actress today. Look at her IMDB list, or you may not even have to because you can recall most of the movie’s she’s been in the just the last 3 years. Let’s do this together? I swear I’m not on IMDB right now. Ready? Go! Chloe, Red Riding Hood, Les Miserables, Letters To Juliet, Gone, In Time, The Big Wedding, Jennifer’s Body. I’m probably forgetting something major too. But you get my point. Amanda Seyfried WORKS a lot. She works twice as much as anyone really wants her too. I mean, I think we as a collective group are all “meh” on her. But then again, my favourite, Paltrow, was just voted the #1 most annoying person when the Kardashians and Chris Brown are alive and well, so I’m probably wrong in guessing how society feels.

But even as much as she works, not a lot of people know who she is. For the most part, we all still call her Karen from Mean Girls, which says more about how good she was in that and how absolutely mediocre she’s been in everything since that she hasn’t been able to change our minds. I have to like her because I am a Veronica Mars fan, but she comes in at the bottom of my favourite list from that show. AND YET, she works more than anyone else. WHY? It’s like, “Okay, we couldn’t get Emma, Anne, Anna, Kristen or Rachel but Amanda can fit us in between two other projects!” “GREAT!”. 

The other thing I find so fascinating about her: she has a mouth on her. Similar to that of Jennifer Lawrence or Mila Kunis. She’s super sassy, funny and quick but it doesn’t come across as either of those qualities. She comes off as rude, superior and dumb, right? But she’s not. If you read her print interviews where you can’t see her eyes glossing over from being so bored, she’s likable. Take the quote from her Allure interview that’s making the rounds about her comparing singing to deep-throating? If Jennifer or Mila said this, we’d be in love with them all over again. Coming from this one, it feels crass and weird.

Amanda Seyfried is that girl in the library who would stare at you from across the room and you never found out her name but you never forgot her. She probably does a mean keg stand though.



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