If You Could…


It was just announced that Joel Silver will be taking care of the Weird Science remake. Twitter did not blow up. I think, collectively, this is the only John Hughes movie we can all agree deserves a remake and the only one we’re all okay with them remaking.

But, if you could, which would you remake? I re-watched The Outsiders a few months ago and, yes I know how many of you hold it so closely to your heart that this would be sacrilegious, but this is my pick. I like the movie a lot, but it’s not my John Hughes movie. We all have one, and if you don’t, see your way out of this article. I like to think it’s the first one we see at a very special moment in our growing up. Mine, of course, is The Breakfast Club. I don’t really need to explain why, do I?

I would genuinely give up if they decide to remake The Breakfast Club. John captured such an experience within that movie, from the cast to the timeless feel, you can’t remake that. You can’t remake a feeling. I know the same thing can be said for The Outsiders, but IF I COULD, I would remake that. Imagine the cast!

So, ya, I’m down for a weird science remake. With Silver and Bacall (21 Jump Street) behind it, I’m sure they’ll get it right. I mean, there is a lot to improve on. I’m very much hoping they switch it up by going with two girls instead of two guys. Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick? Give me two of those please.



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