There Also Won’t Be Any Paltrowhate On Here


Post-Oscars I wrote how there won’t be any hate towards Anne Hathaway on this blog. It was pretty well received by most of you because I don’t think most of us actually hate her. I mean, she’s not Chris Brown, right?

A few weeks ago a poll was conducted about how the most annoying celebrities are. Chris Brown was #20, Kim Kardashian was #11 and my girl, Gwyneth Paltrow was #1. #1?! CHRIS BROWN IS ALIVE AND SHE IS NUMBER ONE. I’m genuinely very confused as to why people hate her.

Can I name drop? Or story drop, rather. During TIFF last year, I met her briefly. It was at a screening and I shouted, “Roc Nation ’till I die, right Gwyneth?!” she turned around, being beautiful as always, and asked who said that? I said me and she responded with “Ya baby!”. I mean, judging by her publicists face (Stephen Huvane) I was worried but she was great. She signed her cookbook for my mom (that was incredibly embarrassing, let’s not discuss). To be honest, she’s probably in my Top 3 of people I’ve met.

You know who I’ve met that I hated? Zach Galifianakis. Remember that time he showed up to TIFF with 6 body guards (count them) and proclaimed he didn’t have anytime to sign autographs? Look, I don’t need you to sign a piece of paper but if George Clooney can sign 100 of them with a broken wrist (true story), this shit from The Hangover can too. But he’s chubby and he’s funny so no one hates him but Gwyneth is blonde, beautiful and doesn’t act like she’s just like us and that is why no one likes her.

She is polarizing, I completely get that. But that’s what I like about her. I like how much better her life is than mine. I love that she is best friends with Jay Z and Beyonce. Why would I ever want someone of her stature with, her family with her connections to be anything other than what she is? And in turn, she ended up being nice to her fans unlike the guy from The Hangover. No, no hate here.



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