The Big C: A Second Chance, A Second Life, A Final Goodbye


There was a time when I was quietly obsessed with The Big C. It was during it’s first and most of it’s second season. The first season of The Big C is pretty f-cking spectacular. The show did everything right: excellent and well-rounded cast, solid scripts, direction, flow, etc… But, from the beginning, the biggest criticism, or question rather, surrounding the show was “how is this going to end?” Because, well, obviously…

I still stand by the fact that the idea should have been to have Cathy die from the get go, and this show should’ve been much shorter than it became. I think 3 seasons would’ve been solid, but really, this should’ve been a miniseries from the beginning, or a movie, or something short and concise. But it wasn’t, and we had to endure WHATEVER season 3 was. I didn’t even finish season 3, it was that bad. I mean, WHAT WAS THAT?

I remember reading a few months ago that Showcase was giving the show a fourth and final “season” consisting of 4-one-hour-long episodes to properly wrap things up for any (remaining) fans. I liked this idea when it was announced and after having watch the very, very good first episode of this final season, I think this was a smart game plan. If you were or are still a fan of The Big C, a show that had captured the hearts of a lot of people for a moment, I’d give this swan song season a chance.



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