What Is The Rock?


You know when you say a certain word over and over and over again it becomes foreign to you and you’re like, “gun, gun, gun, WAIT GUN IS SPELT G-U-N?!” (this happened to me earlier tonight, #truelife). This is how I feel about some actors, celebrities or famous figures. Most recently I’ve been enamoured with whatever Kelly Osbourne is and does. Like, what is on her resume, “Famous For Having Lost Weight”. WHAT DOES KELLY OSBOURNE DO? I digress.

I saw Pain & Gain last weekend. Did you? Eh… Michael Bay gets a bad rap most of the time that I don’t think is totally deserved. I will forever and always defend the first Transformers. So, I was mildly looking forward to Pain & Gain. I thought it was completely up Bay’s alley and he could excel with such a ridiculous true story, and it had some really solid trailers. Well, the final product ended up being more of headache than any real or true fun. The first hour is solid, but the second hour is a retread of the first, pretty much. Also: Tony Shalub was grating.

BUT, what I found most surprising about the entire film was The Rock, and how good The Rock is, and then I processed how many movies The Rock makes a year (like 500, on average) and how we don’t consider The Rock a movie star. Is it because he, basically, plays the same character all the time? But so does Tom Cruise, right? If that’s the case, then The Rock is just as much of a movie star as Tom Cruise is.

Think about it.



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