‘Gravity’ Trailer


I had two very real experiences watching the teaser trailer for Gravity last night. First: before I left my house to go see Gatsby (no review but I’ll say I enjoyed it more than I had anticipated, but it’s a hot mess and too long) the teaser had appeared online. Watch it, loved it, hyperbole hyperbole hyperbole. Second: the trailer was before Gatsby. I knew what was coming. I cringed. And then it happened: it was laughed off the screen.

I am very excited for this. If you are even slightly interested in cinema and movies and whatever, you’ll be interested in this. It’s Alfonso fucking Cuaron . If you, say, are genuinely looking forward to The Hangover Part III, then you might not be looking forward to this.

Gravity is going to be a hard sell. I cannot fucking wait to see how they try and pitch this. I mean, the entire movie takes place IN SPACE. !!!!!!!!!!!. It’s not like they can show footage from before the launch and trick audiences into seeing a movie about two people in space for 2 hours. But…but…it has two of the biggest stars in the world, two  movie stars, two people who can still open a movie based on their name. I cannnnnnnnnnnnot wait to see how this does.

This movie is going to scare the shit out of me.



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