It’s About Time For A Rachel McAdams RomCom



I was very ready to shit all over Rachel for doing another romantic comedy centered on a time traveler because one shitty one was more than enough (the book is great, though) but then I watched the trailer. Cute, right? I mean, in no way exceptional, but FROM THE CREATOR OF LOVE ACTUALLY NOTTING HILL FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL kind of makes it work (“who?” said everyone walking past this poster at the cineplex”)

But what about Rachel? I’m all for an actor having a certain genre. I mean we shit on Tom Cruise for making Tom Cruise-type movies but when they’re good, we love him for it, right? (We’re never talking about Oblivion or Jack Reacher but I cannot with those two) And when a Rachel romcom is good, it’s good (Morning Glory is great OKAY).

BUTTTTTTTTTT it’s very much time to spice it up. I hope this is good & does well because we all love her, but I need something more for her because the potential that was seen in Mean Girls has completely gone to waste. She is still my vote for the lead in Gone Girl. 



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