Brad Pitt Hasn’t Worked This Hard In Years


A few years ago, all Brad Pitt and the media could talk about was how hard he hard worked to get Moneyball on the screen. If it weren’t for him, and his passion to tell the story (which, arguably, wasn’t all that significant of a story to tell but I digress) it maybe sort-of would not have been made. He worked hard to sell Moneyball, and while it wasn’t the success I think we had had anticipated (it opened below $20 million. In comparison, 42 which opened earlier this year made almost $30 million opening weekend without a big name as it’s lead…) it did well enough and got the critical attention Pitt had probably hoped it would.

Fast-forward a few years later and Pitt is working harder than he ever has, because there is a lot of money and face to save. World War Z has been a very well documented hot mess of a production. It cost, roughly, $4 billion, took, roughly, 10 years to shoot, and, looks pretty f-cking bleak. And not in the District 9, “eesh that’s our future? well I’ll still pay to see that!” bleak. It just looks like some rough stuff. More like World War (Ant)Z AMIRIGHT OR AMIRIGHT? Moving on…

Last week there was a screening of World War Z in New Jersey. Guess who showed up? Brad Pitt. That’s a pretty big f-cking deal. It’s not unheard of for actors to show up to movie screening, especially these days when studios are so nervous they can’t risk anything and will DO anything to ensure their movie makes back it’s budget, at the very least. Ellen Page showed up to my screening of The East last month and just last night, Seth Rogen was in Toronto to promote This Is The End. Now, both of those movies are recieving fantastic reviews from critics and fans and you might be asking, we’ll if those are good then why did they bother showing up? Well, Seth Rogen isn’t as famous as Brad Pitt. Same goes for Ellen Page so the extra effort they put in matters and they do it more so because they care. Not that Pitt or Tom Cruise or Will Smith, don’t care about their fans, because they do, but Brad Pitt didn’t show up to any screening of Moneyball or Mr and Mrs Smith or Ocean Eleven, is what I’m trying to say.

Now, the audience at the screening Pitt showed up to ended up “loving the movie”. Well, of course they did. Brad Pitt showed up, so why wouldn’t they? I want World War Z to be good. I want it to be the “Oscar worthy movie” it was deemed when the original draft of it’s screenplay had been read. But I doubt it. Mainly because the zombies look like ants. And if it’s good I will print out 10 copies of this post and read them. But I doubt it. And Brad Pitt working so hard to make believe it’s good is part of the problem. It’s just so..obvious..



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