I Needed To See ‘This Is The End’ Like, Yesterday


A few nights ago, some fellow film bloggers got a chance to see an early screening of Seth Rogen’s This Is The End. They came back and bragged all up and down my timeline that they loved (as you can see from the tweets above, or if you also have Twitter). This is…deeply reassuring. I mentioned in a recent podcast I had done that I just hoped that all the jokes weren’t in the trailer because, um, that second trailer is pretty f-cking hilarious. And I’m glad to see that’s not the case.

It’s been a long time since I laughed really hard. With comedy and horror movies, the most often used generic review introduction is “I haven’t laughed this hard since…” or “I haven’t been this scared since…”. It’s used too often but it’s true. I laughed so hard I cried in both Bridesmaids and 21 Jump Street. Those are my most “recent” big laughs. (When I say I cried, I cried, because of the pains and the joys of the laughs)…


…I want This Is The End to be that funny and all I needed was reassurance from these guys. God, this is going to be huge.

Side note: You hear about the entire situation with Emma Watson on the set right? It was a blind item a while ago and then James Franco kind of confirmed it (and in the interview with the cast in this month’s GQ, when asked to comment Watson “decline”). Basically she was supposed to do some scene but she wasn’t very comfortable and there was some tension? Whatever the case may be, I can’t wait to see the awkwardness at the premiere. Everything seemed fine at the MTV Awards when she accepted her award and Jonah gave her a video-intro and Seth smiled from the audience?

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