The Hollywood Reporter’s Drama Actress Roundtable: Monica Potter Is Clear Winner


I really like Christmas, Halloween, my birthday and summer movie season, but THR Roundtable Time is my favourite time of the year. I know about 3 of you will understand how I feel about this, but I love these roundtables.  Sometimes they’re exceptionally entertaining and insightful and you come out liking everyone (like the one we’re about to discuss) and then sometimes, Lea Michele talks for an entire hour and you feel for her or you live for Gus Van Sant and Tom Hopper rolling their eyes at  Quentin Tarantino (THE BEST). I also view these roundtables as a competition to see who can come off the most likable and, as noted in the title, Monica Potter is the clear winner. Monica Potter for all of the awards, please.

I’m a big fan of every lady here except for Anna Gunn mainly because I don’t watch Breaking Bad (relax, I know). So, Anna Gunn didn’t really do much for me here except for talking in a monotone voice and be overshadowed by her peers. (Click here to watch the full thing. It’s worth it).

I found this hour roundtable extremely enjoyable. I laughed, I cringed, I listened in closely; I did everything one of these should make you do. These roundtables really are a competition, to see who can tell the best story, speak often and not overpower anyone and to entertain me. And, again, Monica Potter is the clear winner. I’ve never been a bigger fan of Potter until now. Right out of the gates she is uninhibited, hilarious, clearly exhausted and everything you think she would be in real life.

Kerry Washington is classic Kerry; poised, relaxed, funny, endearing and eager to learn. Her show is the most successful (ratings wise, though also a critical darling) but she doesn’t act superior to any of the ladies on the couch and this is why we love Kerry.

It’s only recently that I’ve, very slowly, become a fan of Moss. She’s a bit polarizing, or at least Peggy was initially on Mad Men. Okay, let me just get to the point: those antenna-like bangs Penny had in the first few seasons of Mad Men just deterred me of having any interest in Moss in real life. But between this and how amazing Peggy has become, I am a big fan of Moss. She is really funny in this roundtable and I love her honesty about the clear distinction about how well (for the most part) television actors get along . Seems true amongst these ladies, right?

I like Kate Mara more than her sister Rooney, but I like Mara Wilson more than the both of them. She comes off a bit cold and maybe, child-actory to an extent, but it’s her reactions to the other girl’s stories that I find more endearing than her own opinions, or rather, how she expresses them. She just seemed bored, right?

And then there is Connie Britton. Connie Britton is a Woman. I haven’t watched Friday Night Lights (relax, I know) and don’t need to to know that Connie Britton is a Woman and deserves all the adoration she recieves. I gave up on Nashville a long, long time ago and she’s 100x better than the show, but man is she awesome. She is like that cool aunt you love but are also super scared of. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. 

At the end of the day, Monica Potter deserves the Emmy this year and that’s all I want and ask for for Christmas this year.



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